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As mentioned earlier, there are 3 phases of the HCG Injections diet plan. They are known as the Loading, Maintenance and Stabilization Phase. Dieters should follow 2 days of Loading, with 21 - 49 days of Maintenance & 21 days of Stabilization.

Maintenance & Stabilization Phases are accompanied by VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) & are instrumental in burning Abnormal Fat.






.25 cc's

As many as possible.



.25 cc's

500 calories

21 - 49*

  Stabilization  No Injections  Calorie intake  should be gradually increased up to 800 (Women) - 1000 (Men. Avoid Sugar & Starch.  21
 Total    44 - 72

*Maintenance Phase is not restricted to 21 days but can be stretched to 49 days. When stretched to 49 days, you must skip an HCG injection every 7th day to insure that your body does not become resistant to the HCG. The last three days of this phase are without injections but the 500 calorie VLCD must be continued.

Number of HCG Injections required:

23 Day Loading & Maintenance Phase 20 injections.

43 Day Loading & Maintenance Phase 40 HCG Injections (HCG Injections skip days have not been counted).

Please refer to our:

23 Day Loading & Maintenance Phase Weight Loss Tracking Sheet, or our

43 Day Loading & Maintenance Phase Weight Loss Tracking Sheet (injection skip days have not been counted).

Loading Phase:

The initial 2 days of the HCG weight loss protocol is called Loading Phase. In this stage, users have to eat high calorie food. Dieters have to Load as much food as he or she can eat, as these abnormal fat reserves will prepare the body to supplement the low calorie diet days.


            1.  The original diet calls for the HCG Injections of .25 ccs of HCG in the morning before your dress.

            2. You can gorge on fried chicken, pork, pizza, burger, butter cookies, beef pies, chocolate, rice and macaroni.

            3. Force-feeding is very crucial in this stage as it encourages the hypothalamus to burn more fat, even after the ending of loading days. 

The 2-day loading phase is followed by the 2nd HCG phase that is known as Maintenance Phase.

Maintenance Phase:

The Maintenance Phase is not restricted to 21 protocol days but can be stretched to 49 days depending on your goal weight. In this phase, you are introduced to the 500-calorie diet (VLCD), the main aspect of the HCG Diet.

For 21 days to 49 days, your body will get the very low calorie diet along with the combination of daily HCG Injections (please make sure that you skip an injection every seventh day if you are using our 43 day HCG injections kit). Now, this brilliant combination targets your abnormal fat banks that might be located in various parts of the body such as your chin, thighs, flabby arms, buttocks, hip and lower abdomen etc. HCG burns the abnormal fat bank and releases energy into your blood stream that can range from 1500 to 4000 calories per day. This additional energy coupled with the 500 calories resets your metabolism and melts the excessive fat from the body.

1. As explained above this phase lasts between 21 to 49 days, depending on your goal weight. The more weight you would want to lose, the longer this phase could be stretched with maximum duration of 49 days.

            2. Please note: A minimum of 21 days is a must on this phase even if you have few pounds to lose.

            3. The daily HCG Injections dosage is .25 ccs. Our kit includes 28 gauge 1 cc subcutaneous (subq) HCG Injections syringes with ½ inch needles. The daily dose is measured between the 20 and 30 measure mark on each syringe.

            4. Loose weight with the VLCD 500-calorie diet everyday.

            5. You will not have hunger pangs as your body is getting the adequate supply of calories from the localized fat banks.

            6. Women, HCG injections can be resumed immediately after the menstruation along with the VLCD.

            7. It strengthens your immune system.

Stabilization Phase:

The Stabilization Phase is the final phase. We strongly recommend a transition from the very low calorie diet to a controlled diet with moderate calorie restriction. You must completely avoid sugar and starch to keep the weight stable. The daily fat intake is restricted to around 800 calories for women and 1,000 for men.

This phase is started under any one of the following conditions:


            1. You have been on the maintenance phase for 21 days and you have reached your goal weight.

            2. You have completed the 49 day phase.

            3. You have lost 34 pounds (15kgs) on maintenance phase.

You should undergo a minimum of 44 days for the three phases of the HCG Diet even if you have to lose a few pounds. If a patient needs to lose more than 15 pounds then extension of the maintenance phase up to 49 days is advisable, bringing the total days of all three phases of the protocol to about 72.

You can easily lose up to 34 pounds (15Kg) in your first round of HCG. It is advisable to employ multiple rounds for losing more weight. You should start your second round of HCG after six weeks if you dont achieve your goal weight during the first round.

The HCG injections and Diet plan was first proposed by a Dr. Simeon back in the 50's. He had discovered the weight loss potential of HCG and had refined the exact protocol though extensive testing and experimentation. This testing eventually led him to discover the exact process that would have the greatest effect on weight loss with HCG injections and diet. He discovered that HCG alone would not work. He then found that through severe modification of diet that the body would, in effect, switch from using food intake as its primary energy source to using stored fat as its energy source. This, of course had the effect of shrinking the body and producing the desired weight loss.

How hard is it to give HCG Injections?

Giving yourself HCG Injections is not difficult. There are several places that are 'recommended' as HCG injection points, however, in my experience both sides of the naval is the best location. HCG injections needles are insulin needles used by diabetics. They are very tiny and about 1 inch long. Most people associate injections with flu and immunization shots using saline solution where the main ingredient is sodium chloride (also known as salt, common salt, table salt, or halite, is an ionic compound with the formula NaCl). Bacteriostatic Water  (sterile water which contains a bacteriostatic preservative) to prevent any pain associated with your HCG Injection.

Giving yourself HCG Injections is not difficult and after the first 2 or 3 HCG injections you will feel like an old pro. Don't let the thought of HCG Injections steer you away from using HCG as a weight loss method. It is by far (in our biased opinion) the very best way to lose weight and look great! HCG Injections are best taken, just before you dress in the morning. Injecting .25cc (from the 1.0cc syringes we provide) of the refrigerated HCG solution can be completed in about one minute. 

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