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When you decided to go on the hCG injections diet, exercise is not necessary for losing weight and heavy exercises is discourage because it will cause water retention.

However, light exercising and non strenuous exercising on the hCG injections diet is good for you and your overall well being

Regular exercising helps to improve your mood by releasing endorphins in the brain which gives you a natural high or good mood feeling. This good mood feeling may extend to you feeling better about yourself and about your hcg diet goals.

While on the hCG injections diet your helping yourself control your blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases, exercise also helps to combat chronic disease thus adding to your health and well being.

Among the most common illnesses we all have and is at the root of many ailments and disease we are all prone to and at risk of facing, is stress. Stress is the #1 way we invite ailments and disease into our bodies.

Exercise as stated before releases endorphins. Exercise also releases serotonin. Both endorphins and serotonin effect our mood. Endorphins, a opiate protein, helps us to elevate our mood and reduce pain. Serotonin is a pleasure hormone that is produced when we are relaxed or sleeping. When we have too stressed or facing a lot of anxiety the brain doesn’t produce serotonin. Exercise can release your stress allowing you to relax and reducing your stress levels.

While on the hCG injections diet, follow Dr. Simeons Pounds and Inches. Adding exercise to your hCG injections diet protocol will aid you further in your overall health.

Please keep in mind that you are eating about 500 calories daily so trying to do strenuous exercise during this time wouldn’t be a good idea. Even starting a new exercise plan while starting the hCG injections diet protocol may not be a good idea. Doing heavy exercising while on the hCG injections diet protocol can cause water retention thus weight gain.

So how does one exercise and get all the benefits of exercise while on the hCG injections diet protocol?

Walking is the easiest and simplest of all exercises. As this is something we do daily on our life.

Exercise Benefits For The hCG Diet

Decreased stress

Deceased susceptibility to disease

Increase overall health and well being

Weight control

Reduce risk of depression

Reduce risk of diabetes

Reduce risk of osteoporosis

Increase energy

Strengthen heart and lung

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