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Dr. Simeons’ hCG Diet Phase 1

As per Dr. Simeons’, the first step of the hCG injections, pellets, or capsules diet consists of the hCG diet Loading Days, 2 day load or more famously put, “eat to capacity”. The principle behind the hCG injections diet 2 day load is to fatten yourself up, preferably, eating fatty foods, to ease any initial hCG diet hunger or hCG diet headache you may have going on a 500 VLCD from the level of calories you were previously eating.

You are also starting your hCG injections, hCG pellets, or hCG capsules at this time, to allow the hCG hormone to enter your system and take effect. It takes approximately two days for the hCG hormone to reach therapeutic levels for hCG dieting purposes.

 Cleanses can be used to remove impurities, toxins, fat and yeast overgrowth from your body. 


• Colonics

• Heavy Metal Cleanses

• Candida Cleanses

• Liver Cleanses

• Parasitic Cleanses

The hCG Diet Supplements:

• Krill Oil

• L-Carnitine

• Natural Calm or Alpha Calm

• Coral Calcium

• Vitamin E

Some people find that using the colonic cleanses helps with losing a few pounds quickly during the 30-day period. And doing the recommended colonic cleanses during the hCG injections diet also helps with losing weight, gas and bloating. The Candida cleanse helps reduce cravings for sweets, relieves gas and bloating, as well as addressing headaches, mood swings and fatigue.

Reading Dr. Simeoens Manuscript, Pounds and Inches will empower you to make choices for yourself. It  will give you a good foundation for understanding which cleanses, supplements, teas and such are good for you, based on your health status, how overweight you are and what you want to accomplish long-term.

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